Norman Awards

The Norman Awards was set up in honour of Norman*, a man who found a vulnerable, drunk young woman wandering about the streets, late at night in London, took her to a taxi rank, gave a £20 note to the taxi driver and told him to take her home, thus not having any adverse impact on her life whatsoever…

Some women in vulnerable situations do not meet men like Norman, but sexual predators instead. When that happens, the woman can be presented as being irresponsible, reckless or even “asking for it”, while the man responsible for the crime often elicits little to no such public condemnation.** The Norman Awards invites men and women to identify with all victims of rape and sexual exploitation, not just the media’s model victim. We do this because we actually do think it is normal for men to not rape women, so the Norman Award is not actually a real award but rather, it is an an awareness campaign designed to unite both men and women into stigmatising and “othering” rape and rapists, instead of victims of sexual crime.

Please tell us about your own Norman and we will publish your story to show everyone that nothing a woman does can cause a man to rape or otherwise sexually exploit her, unless that man is a rapist or other type of sexual predator and, that normal men don’t sexually abuse women and children.

*The full story of Norman’s normality can be found on the NewPencilCase blog.

**As with any website concerned about rape and sexual abuse, the Norman Awards may contain content which readers may find distressing and readers are advised to use discretion.

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